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The products that we are creating are specifically designed with and for the communities in which we produce in a sustainable way.  We do however acknowledge that many of these projects will have attractiveness outside those communities as well.

The ultimate goal of Pateo is a to spread our operations or cooperation right across the world so we do aim to share these products globally.  In the coming months Pateo will launch details of products which are applicable and means for distribution around the world as well.

And if those products are successful in any area, we may just have to import a new factory as well and make sure that what we make then is even better suited to yet another area.

The Pateo Branding System

Pateo has 3 colours, representative of the core colours of the Planet we live on but also these colours apply themselves to identify certain product categories

Pateo Blue

Pateo Blue brand represents products of utmost purity.   The products in this category are designed with a specific purpose in mind and aim to be relied upon and to last.  these are products with work in mind eb that in the office, in the field, in the factory or in the home.

Pateo Green

Pateo Green is a product series which aims to satisfy additional requirements than the standard.  Unlike Pateo Blue, Pateo Green Products focus more on enhanced lifestyle products be that leisure, exploring nd in service to educational purposes.

Pateo Gold


Pateo Gold Brand is the technological advancement showpiece.  Pateo Gold Products are designed to exhibit advanced technologies that challenge the existing conventions and provide a living example of the future in action.

All Pateo Products are developed with the Pateo Sustainability rules intact, we have zero compromise in this however our intended purpose is tuned according to these colours to help with identification of where our products should be present and known.

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