Fulfilment of Purpose

A large cause of inefficiency today is in global optimisation: products which are fantastically designed to do a million things to a good standard around the world, maybe perfectly in one part of the world, but when it comes to places which are a little different, or to nearly any single person on the planet: they may not do exactly what we need and 99% of the functions many products do have we will never truly appreciate

This over engineering approach costs - it cost energy in development, and more importantly energy and resources in production.  This is where we feel the Pateo approach fits.  We have some basic premises of what is efficient and effective: a starting point-  but together with our local teams we can address exact requirements and provide products which exactly fit the requirements, which don't extend resources and which can solve many problems, problems often which are never relevant on a global scale

We will surely optimise and improve our ideas with the best of our best learnings globally, and just as surely we will develop products which get better and better through iteration - but they will be much better, much more fit for purpose and much more efficient - and a direct result of their integration to their habitat.

Durable - Designed for a long lifespan

Production is a far worse polluter in many products than the usage thereof - be it a car a refrigerator, a mobile phone, a TV at other powered equipment in general producing the item is a far worse exercise than many years of usage.  This being the case isn't it logical to keep these things running as long as possible - of course not: not in and economy where Industry is rewarded for redundancy by replacement.

With Pateo however we are driven by the prosperity of our communities, which is directly in relation to their ability to manage resources: as such we develop products to preserve those resources.  This in mind we have very strong rules on Longevity, Upgradability and Reparability which are to be far in advance of the best of any other substitute product.

Following this line we see a different sort of prosperity for our community, one which respects longevity, one where products are designed to stay relevant longer and be fixable easily, anywhere and without legacy to an expensive service process.

Cyclicality in Design

Any product that we design will be designed for a long life, and that may not be only one life: a number of products do wear or deform, this is unavoidable - but what is left behind can also have use.  A focus for us is the preciousness of any material that we use: and in the design phase any product we product must have a downstream use - or we do not do it...

Pateo Rules for Products

All Pateo Products must exhibit the following virtues

  • Designed in accordance with useful function required and desired by the local community

  • Exhibiting a Potential Life minimum 25% longer than other products in their competitive sphere

  • Until 2023 Emissions which are at least 25% better than any best practice substitute product

*beyond 2023 material targets should be increased subject to review

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