Real Localisation of Products through Local Empowerment

Pateo employs a process referred to as a Socio-Anthropological Study to introduce ourselves to the communities in which we will be present.  The goal of this is to understand the capabilities, resources, needs, desires and tastes of the communities in which we are present, not just our employees but the whole local community.

With a principal goal being production for that local community our approach is to set about satisfaction of the core community wish list by developing products that fit the needs, flavoured by desires and tastes, respectful of capabilities and resources. This process is lead by the expert design team from Pateo by carried out by the local team - this way we build a real local solution - devoid of global commercial compromise, and the element of respect of resources is controlled by the people who will benefit most from that respect.

This process we belief is a fundamental change from Industry of today and is most in tune with the nature of the planet upon which we inhabit.  All members of the community are able to contribute and enjoy the benefits there of.  Our ownership and governance structure provides a benefit to our communities also to ensure a common target for success which we believe is essential for the success of this planet for future generations.

Clean Production

Clean energy and Water output are core to our production facilities and the design of our facilities takes this into consideration.  However critical in the design process is making sure we produce in a clean way.

Today Industry does not Publish statistics on emissions in production on end user products - which is a consequence of the absolute power of Industry.  We are different - our consumers are our team and the understanding of impact of consumer decision to the environment is key to transparent and good decision making.   This transparency becomes empowerment to our community and becomes part of the power of the Pateo Revolution.

Given that our Global team is small but with experts and fighters in the sustainability cause: and with this input and the networking of all global Pateo teams we set ourselves high standards to be significantly cleaner than any other relevant solutions.

UN Global Sustainability Guidelines and Indexation

As a reasonable guide to good sustainable decision making we have developed an internal indexing system to allow us to ensure that we are exceeding best practices in relevant products against all 17 of the UN SDG 2030 program.   We then have a Process rule in Pateo that any activity we will undertake will be able to exceed benchmarks in at least 7 of the 17 goals and at least match best practice in the all.

We are participants in the UN Global Compact as well but it is our firm belief and intention that Pateo will trailblaze in terms of a real sustainable approach to business.

Pateo Rules for Process

Indefinite Rules for all Pateo Products:

  • Production emissions should aim to be minimum 25% better than any known alternative benchmark

  • Local labour must be responsible for at least 75% of added value to any product

  • Industry Best Practice Benchmarks for at least 7 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals must be exceeded with any activity of Pateo and none must deteriorate

  • Development of all Products will be performed and agreed between Pateo Global Team and the relevant local Community adjacent to the Pateo Operation in Focus for the Product

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