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Where to next

We have an ambition to be present in 100 countries, at least, by 2030, it's a lot, but we feel that through true cooperation and transparency - as our name suggests (Pateo is Latin for Transparent) - it's far from impossible.

What we will do is establish in our target communities a factory, as such though it wont make the mess a factory normally does, that is capable of producing all manner of things. If we bring in a small engine and a fuel cell we know how to make a car of local materials, with some Glass we can make a house... food, energy... you name it. Things do not have to be complicated or expensive to produce and produce cleanly... Things just have to be designed in a way that is able to be put together in a simple, clean way, to be beneficial to a community and most critically be designed to be made by and for communities and for communities to receive the bulk of those benefits.

We are there: there are 20 of us at the moment and we will grow, to help it work: we are Engineers, Scientists, Designers, Sociologists, Architects, Economists, Philosophers, Distributors, Marketers and Artists. And what we do is assist the community in developing the products that they need.

We don't believe in the one size/one factory approach for all places, items need to be rationalised, to use less resources, to stay where they come from and to be an asset for years and years, coming back for repurposing or reuse, to keep communities vibrant for millennia, not for warranty periods like many of todays commerce driven products.

So comes Pateo. We are working on our first factory now, we cannot share so much about that right now as there are a lot of people in the mix there and we have to protect their interests but in time we will announce that.

We need a bit of help, we are now evaluating 7 locations for our next phase but if a project comes along to base ourselves, and we can find a little bit of funding and local support we are happy to change direction. As long as our rules on sustainability are met there is nowhere on Earth we don't want to be.

If you have any questions or interest please review our website www.pateo.earth or get in contact at contact@pateo.earth


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