Solution to a world in Crisis

We use too much, and centralisation has driven us all together.  Pateo aim to put communities back together by providing a central mutli-functional Space we call the Hive where the community can design and produce anything they need using responsibly and using modern techniques not poisoned by commercial drivers which respect the flow of resources and energy: and to generate prosperity for our communities and investors alike

Sustainability for the Community

Our focus is outside the big cities and back to villages and towns in all parts of the world.  We will bring back jobs, provide outlets for creativity and innovation and provide a future for those communities for development into the 4th millennium and beyond

Economy of Flexibility by Design

With intelligent design we are able to have our Hive, think of this as a green flexible factory, able to produce a great many products from houses, to mobility to food and much in between.  Using latest techniques and clever design we make a cost and human effective approach to support all the community will need in a sustainable way

Collaborative and Local: Absolute fit for purpose

Our Global team are focused on best practice in design, science and engineering: not on products, any product we make will be designed by our local team using local material for local use and production.  Perfect fit for purpose means less waste and better satisfaction

And, we are essentially an incubator - our community is earth - so good ideas looking for an avenue to life are always welcome to our door.

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