Hand Holding a Plant

The Claytons Incubator?

The incubator you have when you're not having an incubator.  At least not in the traditional sense.

What we are doing is fundamentally working with local communities to make their lives better, so when there is an idea or a problem, the community and our group of experts come together to find intelligent solutions that work in the sustainable framework of Pateo.

But all these ideas are not limited to our communities, we want to take these great ideas to the world, and likewise, we want to bring great ideas back to our communities.

In each of our locations we will have fabrication and testing equipment and teams, as well as the resources of our central team experienced in driving all manner of projects and products.   What this means is we are ready to enable ideas from local and non local sources at any time.

So, if you have a product idea that needs validation, testing, production and or distribution, get in contact!