Core starting product is that of the dwelling - the core of home life.  The Pateo approach to the Dwelling is to integrate the entire story of shelter, sleep, food and human body functions together with intelligent materials and techniques that heat, cook, clean, light and protect us with their own energies and by products

Our launch activity in Ethiopia will see our first iteration - designed with our local community we will use a combination of Earth and locally abundant Bamboo material together with high tech techniques to create a quality, cost effective, clean intelligent and sustainable dwelling for community roll out in a fast growing country.  Not only does this provide an improvement in living standards but the Pateo concept will generate local jobs, skills, locally derived products and a clear focus on a better overall living standard with a resounding impact on the surrounding community by introducing technologies to make the most of the local resources.

Mobility: The Yak

A competence in our team is in the development of mobility solutions: and a clear understanding in our group is the ones on offer today in general are not ideal for parts of the world where our solutions will be of the most help today.   Our approach has been to strip back the concept of mobility and apply the principals rather that the practice to come up with a modular approach we believe will fit perfectly in a vast number of variant applications.

Using alternatives from Fuel Cells using different inputs from Hydrogen to Methanol to pedal and solar power we will apply the community cooperative design model with our best modular solutions to come up with specific responses to specific tasks.  Our goal is a multi purpose mobility using that can be adjusted to different tasks at different times of the day week or year, with a low cost, no or extremely low emissions, repairable on any roadside, safe, comfortable  but also something that can be employed very quickly and efficiently to solve the transportation problems of many parts of the world.

The development of the product is completely in line with the Dwelling Products meaning the investment in the factory for the two items is all common allowing us to have a very fast proliferation to other locations without a high cost: allowing for more specific adaptations to the product to be just as effective as it is in the first factory

Food, Energy, and anything else life needs

To fully encompass the benefits of a self sustaining community model Pateo has been involved in developing food and energy solutions to go with our product ranges.   This is key to the most efficient use of resources in a community: offal can be used as fertiliser or lubricants, production offcuts can be used in food packaging and dirty water from food production can have a second life downstream in production processes where clean water is not required.

Our approach is to tally balance the use of all resources in the community to ensure maximum sustainability.

Pateo is also not about cheap or desperate standards: we are totally focused on innovation and technological advancement.  So where we may have some products which are optimised for basic operation we will be employing cutting edge techniques in a method suitable to our production approach which will meet all our requirements.

Our Energy solutions are focused on non fossil fuel approaches, with long term questions on the sustainability thereof we are focused on solar, wind, kinetic and natural transfer solutions to create energy and low impact hydrogen and methanol concepts rather than mined material such as lithium and the like where the environmental impact is unclear or potentially devastating.  Our approach is total sustainability from raw material to usage, and our view is flexibility - so we do not tie ourselves to any one direction - just as long as it is what we believe is a good one at the time.

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